13 day guided tour 18-30 mei 2019 - guaranteed departure - USA

Dark clouds are filling the sky. Curtains of rain are sweeping through the fields within stone's throw and the gusty wind is picking up. In a few minutes hail stones as big as golf balls will drop from the sky. The tornado is not visible yet, but cloud fragments are racing around like crazy. The adrenaline rushes through your body! You are alert, ready for the moment you came for. Do we have time to stay put, or do we have to move out quickly?



You set out on an expedition to the center of a hurricane: The Eye. As you approach, all streets are deserted. Buildings are boarded up. Curtains of rain are moving horizontally at dizzying speeds through the flooded streets. Yet you are still keeping your ground, you shake a little and there is a smile on your face.  Soon the wind will reach dangerous levels and you will move to a safer place.


The thermometer shows you -50. You leave the comfort of the warm car and immediately you feel it. Your skin starts to tingle and your lungs fill with the cold air. You actually want to get inside again, but you stay put outside in awe. You enjoy this extreme experience in this fascinating landscape.

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WHO we are


Eric Terpstra

Director, tour guide, meteorologist, owner

"Travelling to the most extreme places on earth, that's what I wanted from the moment I could walk. I always sat at the dining table browsing the atlas trying to imagine what it would be like in those far away places. I jearned to be in these wonderful places , to go on adventures and discover the unknown. "

Expertise: tornadoes, hurricanes, Siberia, aurora borealis, winter adventures

Former meteorologist, R&D director & business unit director MeteoGroup

mail Eric or call +31 6 5757 0846


Arno Paanstra

Tour guide, product development, owner

"Fascinated by extreme natural phenomena, I have been able to make many journeys, storm chasing in the United States almost every spring since 2005. In addition, other special trips such as two solar eclipses, active volcanoes, northern lights, driest places on earth, winter expeditions in Lapland, and so on."

Expertise: aurora borealis, volcanism, tornadoes, winter adventures, solar eclipse

IT-director MeteoGroup

mail Arno


Reinier van den Berg

Marketing, sustainability, meteorologist, owner

"I love the weather and nature with all its peculiarities, and I also support a sustainable society."

Expertise: tornadoes, sustainability, climate change, presentation (TV, radio, lectures)

Former meteorologist MeteoGroup

Links  Speakout

mail Reinier


Margot Ribberink

Ambassador, meteorologist

Expertise: Sustainability, climate change, communication & PR

Meteorologist, MeteoGroup



Frank Duboccage

Ambassador, meteorologist

Expertise: Communication & PR, traveling

TV & radio meteorologist, TVM

Melody Sturm3.jpg

Melody Sturm

Tour guide, meteorologist

"Extreme weather fascinates me from an early age and I find it wonderful to be a meteorologist to teach people about the dangers, impacts, but also the beauty of extreme weather, so that everyone can enjoy it in a safe way."

Expertise: hurricanes & tornadoes

Michiel de Vries.02.jpg

Michiel de Vries

Tour guide, meteorologist

"Behind every extreme weather phenomenon is a fascinating story, so as a professional meteorologist and storm chaser I prefer to combine my love of travel and adventure with the extremities that the weather can show us."

Expertise: tornadoes

Frank-reisleider copy.jpg

Frank Versteegen

Tour guide, meteorologist

Expertise: tornadoes, outdoor adventures


Jeroen Daams

Tour guide

Expertise: winter adventures

Saskia van Laar2.JPG

Saskia van Laar 

Tour guide

"Extreme natural phenomena ensure that you gain experiences that you will never forget, that no one ever takes away from you and that you can relate to for a lifetime. You only really see how crazy our world and how incredible nature is. "

Expertise: all-round tour guide

Johan van der Wielen.JPG

Johan van der Wielen

Tour guide, professional photographer

Expertise: winter adventures, photography

Link: Johan van der Wielen naturephotography 


Ivo Spanjersberg

Tour guide

""For me, traveling is letting go of the known and discovering the new, to trust on your intuition." Nature is for me a return to the basis, the source of all life."

Expertise: Africa and the tropics





Climate positive

We are positive that we can contribute to keeping global climate change to a minimum.


We visit areas where the effects of climate change are visible. This can be in nature where, for example, glaciers have withdrawn in the past decades. Or we visit the local population and see and hear what the consequences are for them.

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200% CO2 compensation

We compensate all our CO2 emissions by investing in a reforestation program in Bolivia. Together we do Trees For All. However, we are going a step further: we double the investment, so that twice as much CO2 is stored in tropical forests as we emit during our tours.

The investment is directly linked to a CO2 absorption of a piece of forest over the past 5 years. The maintenance, planting and education of the farmers is already pre-financed. This means that we do not have to wait until the planted trees start to grow and only absorb all CO2 over a period of decades.

We do not plant trees, because then it will take years before all CO2 is absorbed. We invest in projects of Trees for All where, together with local farmers, the CO2 absorption capacity of tropical forests remains sustainably high. The farmers do selective logging in their forest, plant more than just one crop and let their cattle walk around on dedicated pieces of land. They invest themselves and with financial help it is profitable to be able to support their families. So it is an economic incentive that keeps everything going.

Previously, all the forest was cut down on a piece of land allocated to a farmer and the wood was sold. Subsequently, a monoculture (eg soya) was planted on the fertile soil with a high initial yield. After  five  or ten year the soil became so impoverished that it no longer yielded enough and the farmer went looking for a new piece of land.

The projects we support oppose overcropping, provide a sustainable solution for farmers and also comply with the Gold Standard. This means, among other things, that the investment horizon is 50 years. During that time the forest will be maintained; old trees (no longer absorbing CO2) are cut and sold, young trees are being planted.

You will receive a personalized certificate afterwards.



We are banking at SNS Bank, one of the three banks that scores very highly in the areas of climate change, human rights, forestry, nature and food. See here for the bankwijzer from


Sustainability on tour

While touring, we will separate our trash and dispose of it accordingly. Also, we promote using as little plastics as possible. In the USA we will give each customer a Starbucks reuseable coffee cup.